Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Awww......... toooooooooo little posts

Sowy if there are not a lot of post. I don't really have time, but I will try my best to update this blog. Don't worry.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Real awesome day today (for my owner but not me) T_T

So my owner's friends and my owner went to Botanical Gardens for a school homework. It is meant to be individual work, but they went as a group, I don't know why but it was fun according to my owner. When she came back, she told me about her great adventure.
There would be a picture of them but I will update this post when I have the picture in my computer.
Sorry ///^_^/// (blushing)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Oh no! There is a selfie disease going on around here. I may have the disease as I have been taking selfies for the past few hours. I CAN'T STOP!!!

Oops! 😅

Ok, now you see at the right of the blog page is a picture of my owner. Since I am a soft toy, my owner is helping me post my thoughts and also because I am using my owner's account. So if you are wondering why when I post, Shanice/Gladice/Shan Shan names comes outs the author of the post, I am just using my owner's account.
Me & my owner:

Welcome to my blog!

Hello fellow viewers, I am Brownie! Not the chocolate brownie, but I am an Ikea toy dog. My name is Brownie. Well my owner is Shanice, she has a blog too: My awesome owner!
So, this is how I look like. So cute, rite?